Saturday, August 09, 2003

Remind me never to be starting escrow while getting ready for our annual audit. The last couple of days have been extremely busy.

But I've survived. All my accounts are in the official audit binder and everything is ready to go. I'm not even officially working today, which is a first in all the years I've worked here. And that means that Monday I get to start on the bank reconciliations for July!!! That's what makes getting to the audit worth it. I just love doing nothing but that for a week or so.

Which gave me a chance to read through all the escrow instructions I got on Thursday. Took me all morning. The worst part was the articles of incorporation for the condo association. Boring! But I made it through. Unfortunately, I got the inspection report, so now I need to take a look at that. It never ends!!!!!

My guitar is in the shop right now. Thursday night, Becky pointed out to me one of my tuning bars was about to break. I took it into one of the music stores, and they're fixing it as we speak. Should be done before they close tonight. Getting an all new set, so they should last me for a long time.

My new Shaun Groves CD finally shipped yesterday. I thought it would never leave the company. Can't wait to get it.

Do you ever look at the hits your blog gets? I find some of them quite interesting. Occasionally, they can be educational. Right now, for example, I seem to be getting lots of hits under a search for "Angelique for CA governor." Didn't even know someone named Angelique was running for governor. Of course, if as many people as they say are stepping up, it doesn't surprise me that I don't know everyone.

I'm getting a kick out of how much publicity this is getting us. It's being covered all over the place on Fox News. I'm sure something will come along and dump this before Oct. 7th rolls around, but for now, I'll enjoy getting local news from a national channel.

And, for the record. Arnold can run all he wants, but he will get my vote based on whether or not I think he is the best canidate to lead our state. Granted, anyone would be better then Davis, but I will probably be voting for someone else.

It's about 100 degrees out right now. Think I'll head home and jump in the pool.

Hope your Saturday is plenty relaxing.

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