Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Not really alot to report. I forgot to say I did finally get my new Shaun Groves CD yesterday morning. And I'm absolutely loving it! Right after work, I'm going to pick up the new Amy Grant CD. Last new CD's for quite some time. I need to save money like anything, especially until escrow closes and I can save up some money again.

I think I'm finally going to see Pirates of the Carribean tonight. I know, that's not saving money, but everyone else in the known universe has seen it, so I need to do so before it leaves theaters. :) Heck, I might finally finish the Thoene's new book tonight as well.

And, since I have nothing better to do, a couple quick quizzes for you.

Your Future by manganfreak
Your Career IsPorn Star
Number of Kids You Will Have14
Created with quill18 MemeGen!

O yeah, that's me. :)

I noticed that if you put different names in, you came up with different things. That was the first one I put in, and I thought it was very funny. This was the one I liked best on this quiz. (Yeah, I cheated. So sue me. On second thought, don't. I can't afford it right now.)

The Afterlife, V1.0 by silentounce
Favorite Color
Your fateTake waiting no. 74837328742842 and step in line at the Pearly Gates
Created with quill18 MemeGen!

And, from the waiting line for Heaven, I'll say goodnight.

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