Wednesday, August 06, 2003

The last 36 hours have certainly been interesting here in cyper space. Of course, there was the blow up at Zap's over planning next year's convention. The only thing I want to add to that is to echo what Kathy said. I honestly can't believe that someone who delurk to post on something like that and call for a person to be banned who is a regular part of the community.

But then there's Amazon. We have a discussion board that's supposed to be used for talking about reviewing. One of the members, who follows that rule very closely, has been banned. It's a huge loss over there. Yes, he's probably a little too public with his accusations of cheating, but it seems he's always right. They could have just given him a warning and let it go at that. Told him to e-mail his suspicions directly to them instead of making them public. Anything like that. It hit me hard because he's a friend and, frankly, one of the only reasons I still go there.

Of course, with all this stuff happening, it's been hard to concentrate on work. Which is a very bad thing when I need to get things done. Of course, this morning, I did get two deposits done since Jim is still out and Elizabeth is out sick.

Had an interesting encounter last night. About 7:15 my doorbell rang. I answered to find some guy I'd never met before standing there. Asked if I was Mark and if I worked at Master's. When I told him I did, he introduced himself as a neighbor trying to organize some help for someone moving out Saturday and wanting to organize a community network to help each other out. When I told him I'd be working Saturday (weekend before the audit) and would be moving myself soon, he wouldn't take that for an answer. I realize this is a CA thing, but I don't want to have people I don't really know knowing that much about me. I don't know, it just feels weird. We help out peole we know, not relative strangers. And since no one has made a point of getting to know everyone before now (and I've been there two years), just seems weird. I might have felt differently if I were going to stay longer.

Anyway, off to worship team practice and my ultimate game this week. Hardly going to be home the rest of the week. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

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