Thursday, August 21, 2003

Is it noon already? Where did the morning go? Guess I'd better get the Thursday Threesome posted so people can start stealing it. :)

This week, it's brought to us by Regan and those fine people at the Back Porch. (Yeah, I'm one of them. So what?)

Onesome: One- One thing that's being bandied about a bit in the communications press is the ongoing replacement of land line phones with cell phones. Hmmm... Have you ever considered dropping your wired phone and living a wireless existence?

Yeah, but never seriously. To get a plan where I wouldn’t constantly be worrying about minutes, I’d have to spend more then I currently spend. And service around here is so bad (because of the canyons) that I don’t think I could rely on it. At the same time, I’m beginning to see advantages of being reached wherever and whenever. But I don’t expect to be doing that in the near future.

Twosome: Trick- Okay, everyone one should know at least one magic trick. Do you have one? ...or is there one you really, really wish you knew how it worked?

I know a couple card tricks. Of course, just about anyone could figure them out. I used to have a magic set and a kid, and that was fun. Watching I Love Lucy last night, I was really wishing I new how they did levitation tricks.

Threesome: Pony- Admit it: did you want a pony as a kid? Still do? Never liked them? Nah, we know better ! ...and did you ever have your picture taken on one?

I know I’ve had my picture taken on a camel and an elephant. I’m pretty sure I’ve had one taken on a horse as well. I don’t remember ever really wanting to own one. I enjoy riding them, but it’s something I could take or leave.

And one final thought. 30 days until I move into my new condo. (Excited and scared are running side by side for supremicy. This is the excited part talking.)

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