Wednesday, August 20, 2003

If you happen to be the last person on earth who hasn't seen Pirates of the Carribean yet, what's wrong with you? Yep, I was a bad boy last night and spent $10 to go see the movie. Did I enjoy it? Yes! Probably not the best movie of all time like so many people have raved to me about it, but certainly enjoyable. Maybe I would have enjoyed it more had I not been feeling guilty about being there.... Still, the movie is visually stunning and lots of fun. With pirates and lots of boats and water and stuff. I love stuff like this. Wouldn't want to live through the time period, but I love watching and reading about pirates.

Word to Disney. When this thing hits DVD might be a good time to release Shipwrecked on DVD as a tie in. I'd certainly buy it!

Not much else going on in the life. Frankly, I feel out of it cause I haven't been watching the news or anything. 40 pages to go in First Light, and I'm going to finish tonight if it's the last thing I do. Might have to stand to finish it, but finish I will!

E-mail at the college has been down for the last two days. They tried to upgrade the server and it went horribly wrong. I now have e-mail through last Monday night, and stuff is finally coming through again. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have the stuff that came in during the time it was down.

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