Tuesday, August 26, 2003

I think I have a second roommate lined up. And possibly a third.

Got a call last night from a guy responding to my roommate ad at the seminary. He was calling all the options listed there. Has a dog, but may be sending him back home. He said he'd get back to me.

Meanwhile, got a call today from a student responding to my ad at the college. Think we're all set there, so I think I'll have a second roommate no matter what. That is such a load off my mind, I can't even begin to tell you. Now tonight I need to find out what the latest on Marcus is.

Meanwhile, I forgot to give you my exciting news from doing laundry Saturday. I was going through a new roll of quarters (my last!) and I found Illinois and Maine state quarters. So now I'm up to date for the year on Denver mint marks. Still need an Alabama Philadelphia mint mark, but I'm not as worried about that.

What's funny is I've never found the new quarters in my laundry roll, yet the last one I get I find two I need. Makes me almost wish I were still going to be getting quarters for doing laundry. Almost.

Speaking of which, 25 days until I move. And I'm getting really excited now that the finances look like they might be working out. Heck, I think if I really try saving (gasp!), I will be able to make Trixie camp again next year. Assuming that weekend works with the audit. Of course, I never spoke to the auditor at all this year, and I didn't have to work the weekend before the audit, so I think I'd be able to take the time off. If I stay on top of my work like I'm supposed to this year.

Actually, I'm half way done reconciling for July. Which puts me ahead of the game already this year. If I stay on top of things, I should have no problem.

And my realtor just called to say that we will be able to get in on the Saturday my parents are here so they can see the place. I'm very, very, very excited.

Tonight, I get to go home and relax with my book. Students come back tomorrow, so I'll get to meet my new roommate and see the convention again. Don't think it gets much better then this.

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