Friday, August 22, 2003

I should be tired, but I'm not.

Last night, we had the jr. high guy's bowling/spend the night at the church thing we almost had two weeks ago. I decided that I'd go ahead and spend the night at the church. Was that ever a mistake. The kids would not settle down. And they delighted in coming into the room OtherSeth and I were trying to sleep in and making loud noises. They were supposed to be watching Fellowship of the Ring with Kurt supervising, but that just wasn't happening. (Poor Kurt, as the only one who didn't have to work today, he got stuck with being the super adult in charge.) I finally gave up about 3:30 and drove home. Was out like a light and over slept. Didn't get up until 8, which made me late for work. Not that Phil will say anything to me about it.

Next time, I'll do the bowling and let Kurt and Seth deal with the overnight part. :)

Cause the bowling went very well. At least the first game. In spite of it being allergy shot day, I got strikes in 3 of the first 4 frames. Hit 150. The second game, on the other hand, I bearly broke 100.

So, we'll see how I hold up at Bible study tonight. If Chris goes way long again, I'm toast. I'm sure it'll be an early night.

And, as we speak, Robert should be fixing my AC. I won't have to turn fans on tonight to cool off the apartment. Of course, the ironic thing is that the weather has cooled at least 10 degrees in the last week, so I don't need it nearly as much.

Meanwhile, Stephen called me with info on a job at Princess Cruises. Sounds like it would be a step down responsibility and expertise wise. Doesn't even require a college degree in business. On the other hand, it would get my foot in the door over there, so I could be up for promotions, the biggest reason I need to leave here career wise. I just wish I knew how it paid. I don't want to leave to make the same money I'm making now. Or less. Yet another decision to ponder this weekend. If they even bother to ackwoledge the fact that I apply this time around.

But, before I even start on that, I see Aleta has a couple quizzes for me to steal. :)


The ULTIMATE personality test
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I kinda agree, but I don't feel I'm wise enough to be a seer.

You're an exclamation point!

What Punctuation Mark are You?
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You, know, I'm really sensing that Aleta and I are at lot alike! Or at least we answer these quetions the same way almost every time!

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