Monday, August 25, 2003

I guess I'm caught up on my sleep. I certainly wasn't overly tired when Marcus came home at 7:15 this morning. And I did my usual wake up and doze off multiple times in the middle of the night. O for a good night's sleep every night in a row for a week.

My AC was indeed fixed over the weekend, which was lovely. Especially since it decided to heat up again. I can now go home to a cool apartment whenever I want! Big smiles all around.

Went to the beach Saturday for the youth promotional picnic. The freshman are officially freshmen now, and we're back to having two years in jr. high. As always, I'll miss some of those kids, but there are some who delighted in heckling me a little over the line, so I must admit I won't miss them.

The funniest part is that I missed a couple spots with sunscreen. So I have a small burned section on my left wrist/hand, part of the top of my right foot, and part of my left ancle. As I've said before, if I miss a spot with sun screen, I notice, and it's usually pretty funny, too.

Yesterday was a lazy day around the apartment. Got semi-caught up on stuff I'd recorded, including the Monk finale. That show can't be over for the year already. :( Now, to find season 1 somewhere.

Think that's all the news here. Meeting Linda to sign some more papers, and I think we're going to lock on an interest rate tomorrow morning. Pray it drops big time in the next 12 hours. :)

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