Thursday, August 07, 2003

Good morning. Unfortunately, it's not nap time. (I need to go to bed early tonight! Inspite of the last minute guys jr. high event.) So, since I can't sleep, it must be time for the Thursday Threesome, brought to us this week by you local department store and The Back Porch.

Onesome: Two- Hey, we did 'threes' last week; let's try 'twos' this week. When you think of pairs, what comes to mind? ...and 'Bartletts' is the only wrong answer !
I think that last comment was just for me. :) Let’s see. Turtle Doves. Hands and feet. Binders I take to church all the time.

Twosome: Day- Which day of the week do you live for? Is it getting back to work on Monday (right!) or maybe Friday, so you're gone! One of the weekend days? Which day works for you?
Saturday. It’s my day for fun and relaxation. Most of the time anyway.

Threesome: Sale- Are you one of those people who will wait until something is on sale before you buy it? ...even if it's like forever? ...or do you just haul on down to the store whenever the urge hits? Hmmm? Planner, immediate or impulse? What type of buyer are you?
For big items, I wait for the sale. Smaller items or fun items, I’m immediate or impulse. That’s a great thing about my condo. With the washer and dryer being included, I can wait until there’s a sale if I want to replace them. :)

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