Saturday, August 02, 2003

As I've been telling everyone I can think of, I GOT ONE!!!!!!

My realtor called last night about 6:30 to let me know I wouldn't know anything until tonight.Their realtor wasn't going to meet with them until tonight sometime.

But this morning she called me at 9 to let me know that they'd accepted my offer. She decided she needed to put more pressure on the realtor since we ran the risk of more offers coming in while she waited until tonight to present them all. All the offers were really close, but they decided this one was best. So, I get to start escrow on Monday and start worrying about all that kind of fun stuff. It's one in the complex I really wanted and is in excellent shape. I might throw a quick coat of paint on it, but other then that, it's ready to move in.

Now, as long as I have a couple roommates, everything will be fine. Otherwise, it's going to get very tight money wise. But if I have a couple roommates, I might not have to change my current lifestyle a whole lot.

In other news, Donald got here fine last night and we talked until almost 2. We were both dozing when Linda called at nine, but I'm so happy I don't care. (And probably wouldn't have gotten much more sleep anyway.)

By the end of September, I should be in my own place!

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