Friday, October 11, 2002

This has been a wild and crazy week.

Wednesday, tried to make up for missing stuff on Tuesday and picked up Matt and Jeremiah a little late for Enterprise. (Good episode.)

Thursday, we had youth group on our new night for the first time. We were supposed to meet after the girl's volleyball game at SCCS. However, the game was still going strong at 8PM, so we gave a couple brief announcements and dismissed the kids. Frankly, I was ready to be gone by that point, too. I think we're going to have a fairly rocky transition. Got home in time for Do Over, however. I really am enjoying that show. (BTW, I see that ABC is canceling That was Then. My first canceled show of the season.) Then watched CSI (GROSS!) and Without a Trace (good).

Today. I was already awake when Marcus's alarm clock went off early. Couldn't get back to sleep, so I decided to get ready early and head over to Sears to get my flat tire fixed. Even though I was there at 8, when they open, it was 8:20 before anyone helped me. (I was the second one there.) Then, they waited half an hour before they even looked at the dumb thing. I was there until after 10. So, instead of being a little late to work, I was 2 hours late. Worked through lunch instead of going home to watch Survivor. Frankly, with what I've gotten done today, I'm not going to worry about the other hour. Bad I know. The thing that frustrates me is, if they'd told me they weren't compitent and it would take this long (what it really boiled down to), I could have come back someother time, like this weekend, when I almost had two hours to waste. At least I'd had the forsight to bring my book, and I got a bit read in it. But have I mentioned how cold it was? I had to go out side to warm up, and it wasn't especially warm here today. Definately didn't need the AC blowing.

Meanwhile, tonight I've got a Just 4 Fun at the Durons starting at 6, Bible Study at 7:30, then Donald shows up sometime in the middle of the night to visit his girlfriend for the weekend. (I can now start being mean to him here since he's reading it and can defend himself in replies. In this case, I'm blaiming him in advance for me being up late when he's planning to get into town about the time I'd be going to bed anyway.)

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