Saturday, October 05, 2002

Never made it over here yesterday. AT 4:15, Phil told me we were ready to me to do the next to last step in closing the month. That's when I realized the file I needed was in the subdirectery that had gotten deleted Wednesday morning by persons unknown. So we worked to create a substitute file to get it all done. But we didn't finish until 5:15, so I didn't bother posting.

And after dinner, I went straight home so I could get ready for going to see Jonah, A Veggietales Movie. Really enjoyed it. Any movie that leaves me with a big grin on my face is well worth it. Just be sure you stay all the way through the closing credits if you go to see it. Not only is the Newsboys song at the beginning worth hearing, but the closing credits song I talked about a month ago is at the end of the credits.

Also found out yesterday that both jr. and sr. high youth Bible study is moving to Thursday, starting this week.

In other news, Marcus is now moving in on Monday, which frees me up to do what I want and need to do this weekend, like finish Jennie's book.

Quick TV talkings:
Survivor - Shii-Ann almost got herself voted out by not working on the immunity challenge. Glad to see that tribe finally go. But was shocked the Robb didn't get the boot. He's still the one I think should go (which means he'll stay around a long time like Kathy did last time. Of course, Kathy also started to grow on me right about now, too.) Next week, more from the drama queen at the other tribe. (Yes, my take on things is she's trying to get Ted out. I think she's taken something and gone too far. After all, he did apologize, but she's still decided to use it against him.)
CSI was cool. And I still like the original better.
Without a Trace - very cool new show. Definately on my must watch list.
Friends - Can anyone fill me in on how Chandler got out of moving? Since I have to use my VCR to change over to another show at 8:30, I keep missing the scene during the closing credits. (And it's annoying me like crazy.)
Do Over - I love this show. Very funny with appropriate (if not historically accurate) music. Hope it continues to do well.

Now, I'm off to edit. (And you'll notice, I didn't get political at all in this post.)

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