Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Maybe he thought he'd be getting away with it, but I refuse to let him.

Who, you ask? Dr. Heller, of course. I had quite a surprise when I logged into my blog this morning. I was scrolling down the comments on my main page and discovered I had a new comment on the oldest entry. Curious, I clicked and found this:

I am commenting about your small-minded view of the universe. You are obviously one of those conservative dimwits that thinks your personal religious views should be established law. I'm refering to your talk about book banning on THE BACK PORCH. It is because of lame closet-cases posing as born-again-Christians that creeps like Jesse Helmes get elected to office. Keep your religious fundamentalism out of our public schools. ---Dr Heller

If you're curious about my "small minded views,” check out the original entry that this is discussing. Here's what I find interesting. My entry on the Back Porch was from last Friday, the 27th. Yet he chose to comment on my unrelated entry on this site from the 20th. Why? Especially since it's dated yesterday, when I had a new, uncommented on entry. And he left no comments on the entry itself over on the Back Porch. Afraid I'd see it and respond? Afraid some of my readers might respond? Well, now I'm moving the issue to the top of the page so everyone gets to see it.

(BTW, he did give an e-mail address, Baron Heller. So I'm assuming he's a man. If I happen to be wrong, I will admit that. But, that's why I used the masculine pronoun in this entry.)

So, after that lengthy intro, here's my response. Last time I checked, this was a country that supported freedom of thought, speech, and religion. All I was doing was expressing my opinions, which I have the right to do. As far as public schools, they are a public institution. My tax money goes to fund them. I've attended them. That gives me the exact same right that you have to be involved in what happens inside the walls. As long as I'm in a free country, I intend to exercise my rights in all these matters. I'm sorry this offends you, but I refuse to be silenced. And I will continue to vote for whoever I think is the best candidate come Election Day. You have the same rights to argue back (not name call) and vote for whoever you think is the best candidate.

Thank you all for listening to this. I’m frankly curious to see what other opinions are out there.

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