Wednesday, October 30, 2002

The last few days have been interesting here at work. Our heater was broken. And yes, we do need it here in Southern CA during the winter. And the water main to our building broke as well. In spite of all this, we've managed to be productive workers. Well, sorta in my case.

And you know that thing I teased you with on Monday? Didn't wind up happening. Must have gotten some wires crossed.

I forgot to mention that a new season of 24 started last night. Good episode, probably would have liked it better with commercials, ironically. Set some interesting things up for this next year. Just hope they can follow through with them like they did last year. And I see Kiefer is now a producer. Also interests me to see main characters show up in that capacity.

Now, the reason I bet you're actually reading this post. Susan and I are having a friendly debate about Christmas music. And since comments were down most of the day, she posted her thoughts on her blog. I'm now going to respond, showing my impressive maturity and logic that will have her convinced I'm right and she's wrong in a matter of paragraphs. (Don't laugh. I'm just in that kind of mood, ok?)

No, one song you got accidentally doesn't constitute having Johnny Mathis. It's a start (depending on what song it is) but it's not going far enough. As soon as you're done with reading this entry, you will head over to Amazon and order the CD. You know you want to. And you know you're wrong. (Am I good or what?)

As to Charlie Brown, it's not Christmas until you've watched it. (Actually, I need to watch Great Pumpkin here pretty quick, don't I?) I love the special. Just never bought the CD soundtrack. Looked at it a couple times. I think it's on my Amazon wish list....

I, too, enjoy Acappella's music (have their Sweet Fellowship CD at work this week in fact). I just got the America CD at Hasn't come yet. Anyway, this is NOT that group. This is a group called This Hope. Their concerts (they'll be at my church in a couple weeks in fact.) are usually a mix of acapella and accompanied music. They'd just lost their piano player when they recorded this CD, so it was all acapella. If you like Acappella (the group), you'll probably like the CD. If you're interested, let me know. If they sing at the college the day after the concert at church, I can probably get you a copy of this Christmas Cd really cheaply. At least that was the case last time.

Not that big a fan of black gospel, but that's for the offer.

Now, everyone who agrees with me, go support me at Susan's blog. (And how many of you think we're both right?)

Turning the corner to something more series....

I've been feeling kinda blaw lately. Feeling like I should be doing something different with my life, but not sure what. The missionary speaker at church really convicted me this Sunday, and I've started really praying that God would direct me to where He wants me to be. As I was praying this morning, the words to a song I love came to mind. They're from Rich Mullins' (wish he'd done a Christmas CD) Jesus Record. My favorite song on there is called Hard to Get. If you haven't heard it you should. Basically, he spends the first two verses crying out at God asking if He's even still listening or is in Heaven playing hard to get. Then in the bridge and last verse, he finally realizes that God is still there and in control, even when we don't understand Him. Wonderful song. Anyway, the lyric that came to mind was "I can't see how you're leading me, unless you've lead me here, where I'm lost enough to let myself be lead." That's me. That's so me right now. Now, I just need to open my eyes and see where God would have me go next.

That pesky faith! It's so hard to follow One we can't see.

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