Friday, October 25, 2002

I have lots to cover today, so maybe I should get started.

First, I, too, am rejoicing they've caught the snipper. Glad all my DC friends are now safe. Now, if we could just have as good a resolution to the situation in Russia right now.

I don't think any of the kids turned in their applications for worship team Thursday night - the "deadline." Interesting. Makes me wonder if the only reason we're doing this is for the new youth pastor's son (which I'd suspected all along.) Meanwhile, I think once Seth and Kiersten leave, it's going to be just me trying to lead this thing.

The Angels were embarrising last night. 4-16? Come on guys! I have bragging rights at stake here! (Val, I refuse to surrender!)

Hit a milestone at Amazon this week. My 200th review is now posted!!!! I'll let it sit at 200 for a few days before I submit the two I've already written for books I finished this week.

Couple of comments on my reality shows. I was so disappointed with the outcome of Amazing Race Wednesday night. I am so ready for Arriana and Adrian to leave! And they almost did, too. If only Heather and Eve had gone back and followed instructions. I do find it funny that AA are so intent on getting two teams out, yet keep falling down themselves. And I like the fact that all the teams are within 30 minutes of each other. That will make for a very intense leg Wednesday. Can't wait!

And over on Survivor, I was finally right. Robb (two b's) left! I was surprised he lasted this long, although he had grown on me after the first week. Knew if they didn't win immunity this week, we was toaste. His tribe definately had a 5-3 alliance going. And the preview for next week looks interesting. Like everything else this round, I think they're giving them the option of merging or not. Not merging would be a different twist on things. Guess we'll have to wait a week and see.

I know I promised to blog about my favorite Christmas CD's (we're having cold weather, so I'm certainly in the mood.), but I think I'll save that for another day. Or, you can always go here and see what I wrote about Christmas music at Amazon a couple weeks back.

(Two shameless plugs in one day. Must be some kind of record or something.)

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