Friday, October 18, 2002

Hey, what to you know, they did post a Thursday Threesome yesterday. Brought to you by the trees in New England and The Back Porch.

New: It's been a few weeks; what's new with you?
Marcus, Grandma, insurance check. (Read this page for the details.)

Fall: Do you fall all over yourself getting bulbs in the ground for winter and spring blooms?
Actually, I have these planter boxes I haven't even done anything with for the last year. But I might put some plants out by the front door in another week or two. Not bulbs, just flowers.

Colors: Which do you prefer, the bright jewel colors of fall, the white snow of winter, the pastels of new life in spring, the greens of summer?
Greens of Summer? Not around here. :) I do prefer green (favorite color and all that), but pictures I've seen of fall folage is beautiful as well. Usually, in CA, the leaves just turn brown. Not all that pretty.

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