Thursday, October 31, 2002

Happy Halloween. Time for today's holiday themed Thursday Threesom from The Back Porch.

Onesome: Goblins. Do you do Halloween? ...or is it all too much?
As a kid, I dressed up and went trick or treating. When I hit jr. high, I started attending the youth group parties. Sometimes I'd dress up, sometimes I wouldn't. Just depended on what we were doing that year.

Twosome: Ghouls (and guys). What ghoulish dishes do you serve up at Halloween?
Considering I don't make dishes the rest of the year.... :)

Threesome: Bats. Where are you flying to this evening? Any plans?
We're still having Bible study for the jr. high tonight. Actually including dinner and outreach into the neighborhood this time. And we're starting half an hour early to boot. So I'll be at church most of this evening.

And in completely unrelated news, the covers for the first two Trixie Belden book reprints are on display over here. Just in case you happened to miss our discussions at Zap's and Jix.

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