Sunday, October 06, 2002

Good afternoon! At the tone, we will start the Sunday Op-Ed. BEEP!

1. Meat
What am I a picky eater of? I'm not a pick the meat off the bone kind of guy. I love hamburgers, chicken, etc. But if I have to deal with the bone, I'll try something else.

2. Fish
What is another form of meat? Contrary to what many people seem to think, fish is meat. Simple as that. (And, BTW, it tastes horrid, too.)

3. Pasta
What do I love? I can eat pasta most any time. As long as the sauce is decent, I'll eat it. With or without meat is just fine by me.

We decided to not worry about worship time on Thursday night because all the kids will be at a volleyball game until after 7 or so. Works very well with Seth and Kierstin being gone and me wanting to meet the cast of Alias. Looks like I'll actually get to! :)

I really need to cut back on the new shows I'm trying to watch. If I watched everything I wanted to tonight, I'd have Becker, American Dream, Angel, and Alias. Alias is a given, think I'll record Angel, watch Becker, and forget about Dreaming. Really wouldn't be a problem if I required less sleep.

Ah well, off to a Sister's in Crime meeting. The reader has a very interesting sounding book.

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