Thursday, October 03, 2002

Do the Democrats think we're all that stupid???????!!!!! Or maybe I'm the only one who's upset about the ruling in New Jersy. I mean, come on! The deadline has passed. They've picked their horse. They were the ones concerned about making sure every vote got counted in Florida, yet they don't care about the military voters now. And the courts? Who gave them the right to make law? It's the same thing courts (in Florida as well as the Supreme Court) did in 2000. Some democracy we seem to be living in.

And the arguement about a right to a competitive election? Where was that again? I believe our first President was elected by a landslide. And in my area, our Representative has run unopposed or won by a landslide.

I think Virgina Postrel's comparrison to Calvinball is pretty accurate in this case. And as much as I like Calvin and Hobbes, I don't want my life run like Calvinball. (Link found via InstaPundit.

Ok, got that out of my system.

The weather is wonderful here today. Got to be mid 70's. I've had my window opened all afternoon enjoying the fresh air and wishing I were out in it. It's been so cold the last week, but it's supposed to be warming up again. Looking forward to that.

Watched the first episode of the new Amazing Race at lunch today. They didn't have a Road Block. Is that a sign of things to come this season? Either way, I'd forgotten how much I love the show. Looking forward to another season of it. And I was sorry to see the Soccer Moms go so soon. Wish they could have stuck around. Espeicially since they were the only three of the last three teams who acted like they were still in the race. The other two teams assumed they had lost and acted as such.

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