Monday, May 31, 2004

Glad I Don't Have to Work Today

Am I ever glad it's a three day weekend. Cause I'm finding there weren't enough hours in my weekend to do everything I needed to do. Not that I'm being productive today, either.

Translation: I still haven't touched the new song books.

Saturday was the wedding. It dawned on me that this is my first wedding in Santa Clarita. Maybe after 9 years I've lived here long enough to start attending weddings here in town. Anyway, it was a nice cerimony. The funniest part was the recessional. The bride's new name is Carol Bell, and they walked out of the church to "Carol of the Bells." A pun I certainly appreciated.

The reception was fun mainly because I was able to hang out with some friends. In fact, we were having such fun that we moved around and I finally got home about 11.

Yesterday was church in the morning and then I went down to play ultimate in Santa Monica. Low turn out, I'm guessing because of the three day weekend. And they started late. I thought I'd driven down there for nothing. I decided to stick around. I was reading on the beach when I looked up and spotted them playing. So I'm certainly glad I stuck around.

And then Tom moved in last night. So far he seems like a nice guy. His haircut is driving me crazy, however. Buzzed down to nothing. I so want to buzz my head as well. I was thinking I wouldn't even after Mike's wedding, but if I were a betting man, I'd bet the clippers come out as soon as I get back into town.

So today I've done little productive as well. Was the first one up, so I started by watching "Victory Through Air Power," part of the new Disney on the Front Lines. Ok, so I won't be rushing out to rewatch it. But it was nice to see it after hearing about it all these years. For those unfamiliar with it, it is an animated movie based on the thesis in a book from the WWII era of the same name that said we need to increase our air force to properly defeat Germany and Japan. Pretty perswasive if you ask me.

I've also finished my book. It's rather embarsassing to admit to took three and a half days to get through Race for the Park Street Treasure. But as you can see, I just haven't had time to read.

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