Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Well, my weekend went downhill from my last post. I'm not going to give all the juicy details, but some things happened that got out of hand. After several hours of tension so think you could cut it with a knife (some of which was spent in a car), Dad called us together and got the three of them started talking. I stayed out of it for the most part since it really didn't concern me. Mainly they were talking about the current situation living at home, which I don't. And, selfishly, I'm thankful for that more then ever. Mike is overcommitted and stressed. And Mom is dealing with the effects of having lost both her parents now as well as loosing most of her relatives in SR and potentally loosing her best friends from SR as well. Listening to them discuss things for two hours wasn't my idea of fun. Things were better Sunday, but still a little strained.

Woke up very stopped up on Sunday, so I definately did have a cold. Think I'm pretty much over it today. I'd better not be sick for Christmas, too!

And, frankly, I'm still wondering how much I should get involved. Because there are several things that came up with Mike that I feel I have a different insight into having been a kid of that age living at home. As in how they aren't perfect either. But that might just make them more upset with me. Need to decide what I'm going to do and how I'm going to approch it.

Traffic was fine coming back yesterday, and I got home in plenty of time to watch what I'd recorded from the week before. And, once again, I've been to the town where they ended The Amazing Race. Beautiful country, and how I picture the area described in the Constable Evans books looking, rightly or wrongly.

And I talked to Dave enough to find out I'm not going to Mexico this weekend. Makes my life easier in some ways (now I have too many things planned). Selfish attitude again, I know. Maybe I need to work on my attitude this next year. :)

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