Sunday, November 10, 2002

Welcome to the genre edition of The Sunday Op-Ed.

1. Action/Adventure
What am I a picky viewer of? I love certain types of action/adventure (like Spider Man, which I watched again last night.) But I tend to find lots of them are pretty basic and or stupid. The plot must make some sense and I must care something about the characters for it to be a truly good movie.

2. Comedy

What am I watching less of now then I used to? I'm only watching 4 sit-coms this year, and about 12 dramas, with the rest being reality TV. Used to be I'd watch only comedy with the rare drama involved. Of course, in this count I'm including 7th Heaven as a drama, when everyone knows it's really, usually, a comedy.

3. Romance
What is a sub-plot in every genre? I'm to the point that when I start a book, I start looking for the romantic sub-plot, no matter what the book officially is. Not that I ever read a romance novel perse.

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