Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Today, Random Ramblings is please to present "Encounters with Telemarketers."

So last night, I got home around 6:30. There was a message on my answering machine. Since it's as exciting as getting personal mail or an e-mail message, I hit play.
"Hi. My name is (Forgotten) and I'd like to offer you a really great deal on a cell phone."
Wonderful, just when I had my hopes up it was a friend.

A while later (don't remember the time, but I'd guess around 7) I was upstairs watching some TV from last week. The phone rings, and I answer.
"Hello? Hello?"
"Yes, hello. Is John Baker there?"
"What number are you calling?"
The person on the other end proceeds to give my phone number.
"That's the number you've reached, but there's no one named John here." Yes, leaving out the fact that I'm a Baker. Doesn't help at all, and after all the calls I've gotten recently, I'm getting frustrated.
"Well, would you be interested...."
"No, goodbye." After all, if they can't get my name right, I know I don't want it.

Time moves on the 7:30. I'm doing well at getting through John Doe (great new show) before Buffy starts. The phone rigns a third time with probably my favorite of the three. :)
"Hello? Hello?" (I really need to start hanging up if they don't answer right away.)
"Hello. Is Mr. Raker ah Baker there?"
"What number are you calling?"
Once again, my number is receited to me.
"Where are you calling from?"
"New Jersey." I meant what company, but I wasn't clear enough. Either way, I decide to press ahead.
"Look. I'd appreciate it if you and your co-workers would never call me again."
At this point, the man on the other end gets a little testy. "I don't know where you're from, but I'm calling from America, and here you have to accept phone calls."
I'm shocked beyond words at this point. I certainly missed that law being passed. "Actually, I don't."
"Well, you do own a house."
"No, I don't."
"Own an apartment?"
"I rent an apartment."
"Then you are required to accept phone calls." At this point, he launces into some tirade about how it's good for the economy, business needs it. Guess I didn't realise that if I never answered my phone again, the country as we know it would fall apart.
I was sorely tempted to point out that, actually, I didn't even have to have a phone. I was free to make my own choices because I live in America. In stead I just told him how wrong he was and hung up amazed that there is someone that stupid on the phones. If I'd known what company he was calling from, you better believe I'd post it here and never buy from that company again. At the same time, I found his stupidity rather amusing. I've gotten lots of fun with sharing this story with everyone.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Now, for a few quick things.

1) The weather was much less windy, and in the high 70's today. As much as I love rain, I love weather like this more. Sorry Gabi, but today was a perfect weather day, even if you felt it was way too hot.
2) Grandma was back in the hospital over night. She was having trouble breathing. She's doing better and is out of the hospital, but things aren't looking good for the long term.
3) Kiersten called me today. The seminary mailed the letter today, but they couldn't wait any longer, so they had them fax a copy of the letter. Seth was accepted!!!! Which means they'll be moving in Kentucky. :( But that seems to be where God wants them to be, so I'm happy for them.

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