Tuesday, November 05, 2002

So, if I actually want to blog, guess I should figure out something meaningful to say. :)

Talked to my family last night. Someone called the cops on them again over the weekend. Mike answered the door to find two cops standing there. "We've had a report of screaming and thumping coming from your house. Is everything alright?" "Yes." "Can we speak to your wife?" At this point I'm laughing, but Mike invites them in (since they've already come in) and gets Mom and Dad. Eventually, the cops leave. All my family can figure is that it was while Mike and the other college students that were over were playing ping pong, an hour before. Fortunately, there hadn't been serious trouble.

The other time was even better. Mom and Dad were down visiting me. Mike had several of the college students from church over as well as the college pastor. They were sitting up stairs talking when a cop came to the door. He'd gotten a call that they were being too loud. Fortunately, he apologized for coming to the door. Sounded like he was embarrased that he had to do his job in this case. We figure it was a neighbor who didn't want the gathering to get out of hand since M&D weren't home. A little upsetting, but we do get a laugh out of it. After all, if Mike were that kind of person, they wouldn't leave him home alone like that.

Voted at lunch time. I already knew how I was voting, and it took me all of 10 minutes. Then decided to go ahead and order the Babylon 5 season one DVD's from Amazon. Probably would have shipped them by now if I'd ordered them before the release date today, but I was waiting to see if they were the best price. Hopefully, they'll be here soon.

Right now, I'm off to return a VeggieTales DVD to Family Christian Stores. Unopened. Found it much cheaper on line. At a place actually using the suggested retail price and not marking it up. Novel idea. Then it's home to watch the results on Fox before I head over the Seth and Kiersten's. Hopefully, they've found out whether or not they got into the school or not.

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