Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Ok, everyone needs to join me and put pressure on Susansuth to keep her end of our non-bargain. That's right. Saturday, when I finally got back into town, I bought Bing Crosby's White Christmas and The soundtrack for A Charlie Brown Christmas. Now, according to the bargain we never officially made, she needs to go and buy this Johnny Mathis CD. Never mind the fact that she already got This Hope's Christmas CD and is enjoying it. Doesn't count at all.

Also, Saturday, I went as saw Santa Clause 2 with Seth K. (not to be confused with Seth and Kiersten.) I enjoyed it, although it's not as good as the original. Just somehow seems to have lost some of the magic. But was certainly better then the similarly themed Nick St. Nick that was on Wonderful World of Disney a couple weeks ago. Now THAT was a waste of two hours.

Last night I got laundry done in spite of the guy who was trying to take over the laundry room. And I finished my "mystery" book. I realized yesterday that I might confuse you with that title. This is the book that I'm not revealing the title of just yet. It might be a mystery, it might not. You just never know.

Right now, I need to write the review of it. Hopefully, it will appear while I'm at my parents. Once it's up at Amazon, I'll reveal what it is. But if there are any guesses, you're more then welcome to express them here. :)

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