Friday, November 01, 2002

It's Friday!!!!!!! And my weekend plans include watching movies, watching movies, and did I mention watching movies? Sounds wonderful. Actually, I'll probably head over to the Sisters in Crime meeting on Sunday. Then again, I might not.

Last night went much better then I thought it would. We met early for Bible Study. Dinner was included (chili dogs). After a very brief devotional, we made bags for the neighbors of the church, then went out and left them on door steps. Yes, they knew it was from us. I think it went much better then I thought it would. And much better then it could have for sure.

Looks like Susan and I have convenced each other of absolutely nothing when it comes to Christmas music. But it sure what fun. :) At least I enjoyed showing off my lack of arguementative skills when it comes to personal preference.

TV Thoughts:
Amazing Race: How can Adrianne and Aaron come so close and still not loose? Darn it! I know considering the discussion at Val's on Tuesday that I shouldn't say this, but I enjoyed seeing Aaron cry. They were just so full of themselves, it kinda nice to see them humilliated like that. I know, I know, I got my wish when it comes to getting rid of one of the male/female teams. But that team was my favorite of the bunch. Would have much preferred that they stay.
Survivor: This will be very interesting. Still a team game, just living with the enemy. I can't wait to see how this developes. And it means Jan is still in danger. Shii-Ann dug her own grave last night. However, I enjoyed seeing her try to wiggle her way out of it and then accept defeat graciously. Would have liked to see her stay around longer, but that was not to be.
CSI: That was a bad episode. It started out so good, but then the rocker plot was only solved by a confession with no evidense, and the main/magician plot was never fully resolved. Where was the woman who started the whole thing? She's been missing for 6 months but we can't even find her body? Seems like they missed a good plot line to tie in
Without a Trace: Enjoyed it very much. Liked how they ended it, too. One question left, who reported him missing? Even so, much better then CSI.

Off to a Just for Fun. Youth group feeding me second night in a row. :)

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