Saturday, November 16, 2002

I do not like green eggs and ham. I don't not like them, Sam I Am.

It must be college view weekend. They were doing wild and crazy stuff in the caf for brunch today. There were about a dozen people wearing Cat in the Hat type hats with different colors, and they had people reading from and trivia about Dr. Seuss and his books. I actually won a prize by giving them his real name, Theodore Geisel. And my prize? Dr. Seuss's ABC's autographed by the Student Life staff. :) Hey, I like the book. I'll take it.

And, as an added bonus, they had regular and green eggs. I just had to try the green eggs. I figured food coloring was the only difference, but I was wrong. They put something else in them as well. A friend suggested bazil. Either way, it didn't improve them at all. So, now I know.

"Bible study" wasn't last night. So many of the group had other things going on, we played the "name game" for a couple hours. Had a blast doing it, but of course I came up with the best names after we'd finished. Steered clear of Trixie and co. and Babylon 5. Stumped people with characters from The Scarlet Letter, however. That kinda surprised me. And couldn't get my teammates to say Sydney Bristow. Guess Placerita Baptist just isn't into Alias the same way Santa Clarita Baptist is. :) Still, the guys won, so all's good.

When I got home last night, I stuck in the last disc from my Bab 5 set and watched all the bonus features on it. Only have one audio commentary left in the set and I'll have seen all the special features already.

Also got an e-mail from Dad last night as I was on my way out the door. Grandma's back in the hospital, this time for nausea. But her breathing is better.... Don't know the latest, but hopefully I'll find out more today.

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