Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Had a good weekend, if a little busy. Donald arrived Friday night. He was in and out, spending most of his time with Heather. I see how I rate. :) I did get a chance to trounce him at the Stock Market Game on Sunday night. (We won't mention that he beat me on the first go around, which makes the ratio 2:1 in his favor.)

Mrs. Irwin, Chirs, and their friend Linsay came through Saturday and Monday looking at the college. Saturday was the hardest to coordinate since they were coming from Santa Rosa that day. Actually spent the rest of the time at BIOLA. But I was able to give them a good tour of campus in spite of the rain.

Speaking of the weather, remember how I was talking about how we hadn't had any of those dry windy days I hate so much? Guess what we've had the last couple of days. My skin itches, my mouth and eyes are dry. I HATE THIS WEATHER!!!!!! I will gladly take rain over this any day of the week.

Sunday night was the This Hope concert at church. I think I enjoy them more every time I hear them. Man, can they harmonize. Concert ran long, which means the SNYF started and ended late, but it all worked out. Frankly, I would have been willing to cancel the SNYF and just hear them sing for another hour.

Then last night, the jr. high group went bowling. (Which was why I had to leave at 5 yesterday.) Had fun, but my scores weren't good at all. Barely breaking 100. Then the last game.... We were almost out of time. Almost all the kids had gone over to the video games, so I decided to see if I could get another game in before out time ran out. I'm bowling as quickly as possible, and get 144! Fortunately, there were still a few witnesses around. Obviously, I need to go bowling more then once a year if I want to maintain a high scoring ability.

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