Thursday, November 14, 2002

Good morning, and welcome to today's Thursday Threesome, brought to you by America Sings and The Back Porch. (If you don't get my reference, check out the link. I'll always associate that song with that attraction. And man do I miss the ride.)

Onesome: Shake- Is there anything that makes you shake in your shoes? Any phobias you'd like to share?
Probably my biggest phobia is hights. If someone is getting threatened with hights on TV even, my hands and feet will break out in a sweat. Not fun at all.

Twosome: Rattle- What's rattling around in your mental trunk that you need to take care of?
Let's see. The mountain of papers sitting in my in box I really should take care of. Moving those last couple of boxes I promised Marcus I'd move. What's going to happen next with Iraq. And what I should review next at Amazon. All equally important things, as you can see.

Threesome: and Roll- When you run up against an unexpected challenge, do you adapt and roll with it or scrap your original plan and go with Plan B?
Ask anyone who knows me. When I first hit a road block, I panic. After much thought, I'll eventually figure out how to work with it, either by going with Plan B or by adapting Plan A. But I'm not a great "on the fly" thinker. Give me time, and I can work with you. Just don't pop changes on me at the last second and expect me to fall in stride.

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