Thursday, July 01, 2010

Accepting the Narnia Reading Challenge

A couple weeks ago, about the time the trailer for the next Narnia movie came out, I was hit with a burning desire to reread the Chronicles of Narnia.  This time I am going to read them in chronological order instead of the order published.  This will be a first for me.

Anyone, just after I finished reading the first book, I saw that Reading to Know would be hosting a reading challenge for the books in July.  So, instead of spreading them out a little more, I am going to try to read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe  and The Horse and His Boy this month.

It's been several years since I read the books, although I did enjoy the Focus on the Family radio drama versions a few years ago.

Depending on how my month goes (it's already insanely busy), I may try to watch the LWW movie again as well.

I should finish my current read tonight, so I will start LWW tomorrow.  It's my favorite in the series, so I am looking forward to diving back in and enjoying the magic.


Carrie said...

Alright! =D I'm glad you are in on this one.

LWW is my favorite also but I have to say that Voyage is creeping up in the ranks and is a very close second place at the moment.

Mark Baker said...

I like Voyage as well, but my second favorite is easily The Last Battle. That final scene is just so perfect.