Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We've Finally Won!

It seems like every year there's a weekend where you wind up with ultimate Frisbee games on Friday and Monday.  This was that weekend for my team this year.

Of course, I missed Friday's game because I was in Pasadena with Luke getting ready for the mud run.  And I think I was wise to miss the game.  Only six people showed up.  I would have been number 7, which means I would have played the entire game.  The night before a run?  Not the best idea.  The other team had seven show up, but decided to play down by one the entire game.  We can't quite figure out why, especially since we won 17-6.  But we aren't complaining since it was our first win.

So I really wanted to win last night since I wanted to win a game I was actually playing.  And it happened!  The final score was 17-13.

We actually started out the game down 0-2, but managed to start coming back to tie things up.  We traded points for a while before taking half at 9-7.

The second half was still hard fought.  They actually got within two of us at 14-12.  But we kept the lead the entire way.  It felt so good.

Granted, both of these teams we've beaten were right above us in the rankings.  And we have rematches of our early games for the last few weeks of the season, so I doubt that this will continue.  Still, it's nice to have a couple of wins under out belt.

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