Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Trail Run or My Longest Run So Far

I think I am ready for the Irvine Lake Mud Run and I really think I can do the Camp Pendleton Mud Run if I keep my running up. Here's why.

Last night, I left work a little early and met up with Daniel at a nearby county park. We headed out for a trail run. The route we did was supposed to be 5.2 miles round trip, but we didn't have any way to measure that ourselves.

Going in was mostly uphill. Believe me, that got tiring. But for the most part, it was gentle enough it wasn't too bad.

Our ultimate destination was a waterfall back in a canyon. Okay, waterfall is a generous phrase. It only has water in it if we've gotten a lot of rain and/or recent rain. There is a little part where it is in free fall, but most of the "fall" is actually cascading down the rock. Still, I'd heard about it before, so it was nice to actually see it.

Now there is some discussion about how far we actually ran. Daniel is claiming 5 miles, I'm claiming closer to 4. See, the last section is on some great hiking trail, but not great running trail, so we walked it. But only when we reached a spot where we could see the falls did we really stop for a rest. And coming back we kept moving, too.

I know I've never come close to running 4 miles before, so no matter how far we actually ran, I know this is the farthest I have ever run. And when we got back, I was tired, but not ready to drop over.

Irvine Lake is in 10 days, and it's 3.9 miles. Yes, I may need to walk for a few minutes, but I'm hoping the obstacles will serve as a good resting point. I'm not planning to run more than 3 miles at a time between now and then.

Yes, I will have to increase my mileage for Camp Pendleton, which is 6.2 miles. But I am focusing on the immediate goal first. I figured that Irvine Lake would be a good way to make sure I am on target and to see if there are any things I will need to adjust. I think it will be just that.

I've been alternating between looking forward to it and worrying about it as the date came rushing toward me. Now, I'm just looking forward to it. I'm going to have a blast. And I know, barring something unforeseen, I can cross the finish line and not be ready to collapse.

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