Monday, May 17, 2004

Wow, it's been a while

It's been 5 days since I gave any kind of update on my life. Maybe I should fix that.

Thursday night was different at youth group. It was the junior senior banquet for the Christian school. (Christian school version of the prom.) Several of the youth staff, including both youth pastors, were at that since they work at the school, too, and all staff is invited.

Meanwhile, the rest of the high school staff had an open house at the school they teach at. And Kurt, from jr. high staff, is in Israel for post session. So that meant that OtherSeth (can I just call him Seth yet?) and I were available. Unless Seth had been called to work, since he was on call that night.

Fortunately, they called in a Deacon who used to work with jr. high to help. Naturally, it was a different night, but things went very well.

I wasn't feeling well that night, however, and took Friday off as a sick day. First time in a year and a half, so I figure there was no reason to feel guilty over it. My temperature fluctuated from 99.5 to 86.2 back to 99.3. Either way, I felt awful, too. So I lay around and watched TV most of the day. Felt nice to just take the extra time off.

Saturday, I was feeling better. And that's the day Jeff mostly moved out. There wasn't quite room for all of his and Jen's stuff (I could have told them that), so I have temporary custody of a few of his things, like a the aquariums and the wicker chair on the patio.

Speaking of which, it doesn't seem like they're easy to track down. But I really would like to have one to put out there when Jeff does take his. So if anyone has any ideas on where I might look, I'd appreciate a head's up. I've already tried Pier 1, but they only have a bigger size and don't carry the smaller size any more.

Sunday, after church, was just another relax around the condo day. Benjamin spent the weekend at a conference and Erik was out somewhere, so I had the place to myself all day. Nice, actually. Caught up around the internet, finished The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. Not a bad book, although not the best in the series. And certainly good for not offending this conservative Christian, which I worried it might considering the subject (witchcraft) and the setting (a very piously Christian town). Fortunately, I got the newest Alias prequel while I was out and about on Saturday so I could start it. Now, I just need to find a book block to time to read it.

And, I think that pretty much brings you up to date on the life of Mark. Considering I didn't think much had happened, a lot seems to have happened.

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