Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Something We Can Still Learn from Vietnam

Ok, time to deal with some political current events again. This time, we're talking about Kerry and Vietnam.

John Kerry seems to be upset that his past is getting so much scrutiny right now. The attitude seems to be "What I did after Vietnam happened over 30 years ago. Let's talk about what is going on today." I agree actually. (One of the few things that I agree with the Senator on.) But, let's get one thing straight. He's the one who brought up and continues to bring up his service in Vietnam. Therefore, when the press and the people actually decide to follow his lead and talk about it, he really shouldn't be that surprised.

Now there's the issue of his medals. Or ribbons. Again, this happened over 30 years ago, and I really don't care about whether he threw his own medals away, or whether they were his medals or ribbons. Here's the part that concerns me.

At the time, he wanted everyone to believe that he threw his own medals away. Why? Because, that was the acceptable thing to do and would make him look good in front of his peers and the press. Then, once he started to get into politics, he recanted and said he only threw his ribbons away. Why? Because that would be less offensive to the voters and get him in less trouble. When the proof was found that he had thrown medals away, he then started saying they weren't his.

Lately, he's even begun to bring up the long debunked Bush was AWOL from the National Guard story. This is after he said he didn't want that to be an issue in the campaign.

Of course, this is the same man and same party who defended Clinton for not having served at all during Vietnam but running away to a different country. Now, they not only want Kerry to get extra credit for having served, but to ding Bush for having "only" served in the National Guard. Either service to the country should be an issue or it shouldn't be. You can't have it one way in 1992 and a different way now.

Why does this concern me? Because it shows that Kerry will say anything as long as it will get him elected. His position today is whatever that group wants to here.

Heck, he told a Detroit paper about the SUV's he has, yet on Earth day claimed he didn't drive any. (Only his family drives them.)

Do we really want to elect someone to office who tries to change the facts to make him look good as often as some of us change clothes? I certainly don't.