Monday, May 03, 2004

On Not Sleeping, Heat, and Books

Last night, I got another round of insomnia.

I shut off the light at midnight. Managed to sleep from 2 to 3. Finally went back to sleep sometime after 4:30. By that time, I was reading in the living room, so I crawled back into be at 5. Worst part? I was so tired that I felt like sleeping even if I couldn't fall asleep.

One reason would be the heat. It's been in the 100's around here, so that makes it hot in the condo. And, one of my roommates is still convinced we don't need the AC. I think I'll have to let him know otherwise tonight. I need my sleep!

So, as for the rest of my weekend....

Saturday, I headed over to South Pasadena and spent the afternoon with my friend Debbie. It was absolutely wonderful and the refreshment I needed to refill my soul after last week. Especially after last Friday.

Sunday was a lazy day around the condo. Got caught up on TV. And I started working on completely redoing my songbooks for the youth at church. I think after 10 years I can go through, weed out some songs, and put others in in alpha order, don't you? At least I didn't rush into it or anything. My goal is to make it by the river rafting trip. We'll see if I make it or not.

Meanwhile, I finally finished Dealing in Murder. The ending dragged on too long. The characters took some time to warm up to. Part of that was because most of them smoked like a chimney. And they all swore all over the place. Other then that, I liked it. :) Seriously, it had a good germ of an idea in it, but it wasn't nearly as good as I had hoped for. What's worse, she's on a list I'm part of, so now I'm going to have to find a tactful way to to say I didn't like her book and don't plan to read any more.

But, since I couldn't sleep last night, I got all the way through the latest Baby Blues collection. Fun as always.

So, when I left this morning, it was already at least 80 out and my roommate who thinks we can cool the place off with fans had his bedroom window wide open. Hopefully he's learn his leason by tonight and we can still get the place cooled off enough that I can get some sleep. It gets downright hot down here! :)