Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Maybe it's only my weekends that are exciting

So Monday's post was filled with all kinds of exciting news. It's been two days now, and today's post will be filled with....

Frankly, not a whole heck of a lot.

Maybe that's because weekends are when I do stuff and most of my weekdays are spent in this office working.

Speaking of which, my in box had begun to pile up with stuff for me to file again. Got that done this afternoon. I feel so much better.

And I found the $30 I was off in the bank reconciliations for last week. Thrilled about that! Tomorrow I get to start account reconciliations, which I need to do since I'm behind a couple months again already and it's the 19th of the month already.

Where is 2004 going? Before you know it, we'll turn around and find that it's the 20th of May 2004. Wait, that's tomorrow already?

Monday, I did go out at lunch time and get some books on tape for my trip to my parents' this weekend. I got five books I can't wait to listen to, and will only have time for two of them. I think I'll have to drive up Friday, drive back Saturday, drive up again Sunday, and back again Monday just to get them all listened to. This mean's skipping Mike's graduation on Saturday, but I'm sure he'll understand.

Of course, this actually makes me excited to face the long drive home.

Last night, I finished that Alias prequel while waiting for 24 to come on. Quite good. Need to write two reviews tonight and wrap Mike's graduation present, and start packing since I need to be all packed when I leave for work Friday.

See, nothing to exciting, but I sure can ramble on about it like it were.

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