Friday, May 21, 2004

As So Ends Another Week

I'm off work in 20 minutes to leave for my parents' and Mike's college graduation. Can't wait to start the books on tape.

Of course, I realized that my mind was working when I picked up one of the titles. For some reason I was thinking it read 7.5 hours. Instead, it read 7 1.5 hour tapes. I know that's what it said, but my brain processed it wrong. So odds are that's all I'll get listened to this weekend. Which is a shame, because I've really wanted to listen to the Cat Who title I picked up for quite some time. Still, I really don't want to be on the road 16 hours, which is what it would take to hear both of them. Drive time should be 12 hours both ways.

We had a high jr. high turn out last night, but it was just jr. high because of sports awards. We're off the next two weeks on Thursdays. But next Friday we have a movie night and week after that is jr. high graduation, which I'll definitely be attending. Man, can't believe the year is over already.

Speaking of which, guess how much additional work I've gotten done on redoing the song books for the youth. That's right. Nothing! Once I get back into town, I'm going to have to seriously work on that. Will be easier with only one hour of TV a night for the first three nights next week and then nothing after that. I must say, I'm really looking forward to summer reruns.

Speaking of TV, I must say I'm furious with Jack's wife on Without a Trace. To do what she did last night after all he'd done for their marriage the last three weeks.... I knew they've have some reason for him to stay in New York, but that was just horrid.

In other news, got an e-mail from a former roommate and friend that he and his wife are expecting their first kid by the end of the year. That's wonderful news. (And no, this isn't Donald. This was Josh, my roommate before Donald.)

Have a good weekend all. See you when I get back.

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