Wednesday, October 08, 2003

You've gotta love marketing departments.

I got in today's mail at work a piece of junk mail. It was addressed to Mark Baker Accountant. Ok, so these people know who I am. That's a good start. But inside were fliers for classes in electronics and A/C repair. To help me in my career. Um....

I'm only going to have Marcus as a roommate for the rest of the month. He found out yesterday that his contract wasn't going to be renewed. So this means I need two roommates instead of one. At least I still have Jeff. Until May or June.

Meanwhile, looks like my prediction was wrong. The election was so much a landslide that the Democrats know they can't really challenge it and gain any ground. I'm happy that Davis is gone. Just hope that Arnold really does know what he's doing. He's been so vague for so long it's hard to tell for sure.

Of course, this whole election thing has gotten me back into political discussions. Including one with a guy who won't come out and say it, but sure seems to believe that Christians have no place in the political life of this country. Seperation of church and state, you know. Hate to break it to him, but I'm just as much a citizen as he is and will be exercising my rights just as he would.

At least this time he's being civil about it and not name calling like he was Friday. Still makes me mad when I post something and he ignors it and goes about with his own diatribe against me and what I believe.

I am being so tempted to join the novel writers next month. Even though I know that I will never finish. And my goal of 400 reviews at Amazon has been there so long I will not sacrifice that after working months to make it happen. Frankly, all the ideas I have would require at least a month of research before I could even think of writing a credible first draft. Of course, if my ideas didn't reach for the moon....

And, finally, a quiz stolen from Stephanie

When Doves Cry
"When Doves Cry" (by Prince)
How could you just leave me standing,
Alone in a world so cold?
Maybe you're just too demanding.
Maybe I'm just like my father--too bold.
Maybe you're just like my mother.
She's never satisfied.
Why do we scream at each other?
This is what it sounds like,
When doves cry.

Which 80's Song Fits You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Never heard of it. Not that I expected to. :)

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