Monday, October 27, 2003

Would you believe my weekend was even worse? I'm not making any of this up. Names haven't even been changed to protect the innocent, because there were none.

I showed up for paintball about 9. Just couldn't get up, something about not wanting to go, I think. I played the first round, was the first one hit, so I played ref the next two. We're ready to leave when I discover that my car has been the only one hit by paintballs. (OtherSeth claims that the two highschoolers from our church hanging around were about to hit his car when he left.) So Dave offers to help me wash my car at his place for free with the outdoor hose he has.

I'm following him back to civilization (we really were in the sticks) when he desides to take his 4x through the wash. Even though mine's only two wheel drive, I decided to follow. About half way across, I get stuck. Since I don't know what to do, I try going back and forth a few times, only making it worse. He comes back to help me. We try digging and boards, but it doesn't work. So he risks getting stuck himself to help me. Trying to find a place on the front of the car to hook onto, we decide to try the bar running just under the car. We attach the strap, Dave drives away, and the bar comes off. Turns out it wasn't attached to anything substantial, and it tore through my plastic splash guard.

So Dave comes around the back and pulls me out backwards. Hauls me over to the rocky part of the bed, we disconnect, and decide to meet up on the pavement. I get forward two feet, and get stuck again. So back out Dave comes, hooks up to the frame in front this time (which wasn't easy), and he pulls me to the pavement. Yep, took three tries to get my unstuck twice.

Get back to Dave's and wash the car, only to find that something in the paintballs reacted with the plastic and rubber on my car, leaving a residue that makes it look like paint peeling off the car. Needless to say, I'm not happy about that. We think we can reattach the bar and leave the splash guard like it is, but we need a little help, like someone in our church who is stronger and has the equipement needed.

So I didn't get home until 4 PM, instead of 11 AM.

Sunday was fine, nothing new. Well, a new Alias, and those are always enjoyable.

Yes, I have gone back to those boards today. (BAD MARK!!!) The liberal jerk on the one has topped himself. He is such an arrogant jerk who is absolutely right and if you don't believe exactly as he does you don't know anything and can't possibly be smart at all. Then he wonders why people don't want to have debates with him.

It's been a long few days. I need a break and a chance to get away by myself and think through everything going through my head. Right now, I want to withdraw from other people (even though I know I'll find the story about getting stuck funny in a couple months.) It really hurts that I'm the only one that got hit by the paintballs, especially since I often feel like the kids don't really like me on staff. I'm trying not to let them know because I know it'll just encourage them, but it's so hard.

And part of me is watching this amazed it's been so long since I've felt this way. It used to be much more frequent, and I think it says alot about how my life has improved that it's not nearly as frequent or long or intense as it used to be.

Meanwhile, if you've been hearing about the fires, there is one on the west side of town, but it doesn't seem to be coming this way. In fact, the wind is blowing the smoke out of town, too. Sure hope they can take advantage of the lessened wind (boy was it bad all weekend) and get these fires contained tonight.

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