Thursday, October 09, 2003

Welcome to this week's episode of the Thursday Threesome. This week, it's brought to us by kids everywhere and The Back Porch.

Onesome: Saturday- Is Saturday a day to relax, maybe do something fun, or is it a day spent on the run, chauffeuring kids to activities, yourself to the gym and getting the errands done before it's back to work on Monday? Do you need a day off to rest from your day off? Tell us about your day!
Most Saturdays are spent doing whatever I want to do, be it the beach or a book signing or relaxing in front of the TV and catching up on my shows. Sunday, however, is not usually relaxing and I could use it in my weekend first. :)

Twosome: Morning- What's different about your weekend morning routine than the other days of the week?
Sunday, the only difference is I sleep later because I need to be a church later and it’s so much closer then work. (Now, anyway.) Saturdays, I sleep in, eat breakfast, shower whenever I’m finally going to leave to go somewhere. Or, if I’m playing ultimate Frisbee that morning, I get out of bed and head out to play, grab a meal in the caf and then shower once I’ve finally gotten home.

Threesome: Cartoons- Do you have a favourite one? Do you still watch it and/ or other cartoons?
About the only cartoon I ever watched faithfully was Darkwing Duck, which was when I was in high school and college. I’d still watch it if I could. Of course, if we're talking about animated movies and not Tv cartoon shows, I have all the Disney classics on video, working on getting them all on DVD, and still love many of them.

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