Friday, October 03, 2003

Somebody stop me before I do it again!

Guess what I did this afternoon while working. Kept flipping over to a message board to participate in several political discussions. For the most part these are going better then last week. Everyone at this board respects the viewpoints of people they disagree with. Expect one small minded individual who thinks that all conservatives are no better then the Taliban. When I try to respond calming explaining why I disagree with him, he responds by attacking me. Guess who I'll be reading but ignoring in the future. Now, if only one of his fellow liberals would tell him to cool it.

In other news, I actually started unpacking boxes last night. Six down, how many more to go? But my Trixie paperbacks are back out, as are my Disney videos, and, for the first time in two years, my Sandy Dengler books. It's beginning to look like home.

And my potental third roommate fell through today. I swear, my life changes by the hour sometimes.

Last night was certainly interesting. The jr. high from the Christian school were at a spiritual life retreat. As in all but about 5 kids who normally come. Plus a lot of the high schoolers were gone, too. I basically let Jared and Scott run worship time. It was ok, but most certainly should have been better. Of course, we also put about 10 minutes into practice, all of it last night, so that might have influenced it somewhat. Still, I was able to leave early and get home, so I could watched all of CBS's line-up last night for a change.

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