Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Some people really should learn how to drive. Like seriously.

On my way to work yesterday, I was approaching the biggest intersection in my new, longer trip to work. (It takes me 3 times as long as I'm used to now that I've moved. You know, 15 instead of 5 minutes.) Anyway, I'm in the middle lane. On the other side of the intersection, the road goes down to two lanes except that it's ok to drive on the sholder for another couple blocks during the morning. I pulled up and stopped at the red light and started to go when it hits green. (I know what the pretty lights mean. Proud of me?) I then have to put on the breaks since the car in the lane next to me almost hits me she's so anxious to get over into my lane. In fact, she's changing in the middle of the intersection. I let her in since I think maybe she wants to turn into the shopping center or gas station on the other side of the intersection. But nope, she stays in the middle lane through the intersection, then pulls onto the sholder.

Ok, that's fine. As usual, my lane is a little faster, so I pass her. I'm ahead of her as we get to the intersection where the drving on the sholder thing ends with a very clearly marked right turn only lane. She just blazes right on through and continues to drive on the side until there's a car parked in her way, at which point she merges behind me, again like a maniac.

Several miles later, she's managed to pass me in the left lane and become one car in front of me. And that's with weaving wildly in and out of traffic.

I felt sorriest for the kid in the back seat of the car.

Meanwhile, in other developements, I'm so tempted to sign up for NaNoWriMo. Peer pressure is such a dangerous thing. :) As much as I'd love to, it would drive me crazy trying to write that much in one month and keep up my activities and my reviewing. That would be even if I cut back on TV. Maybe if everyone signs up again next year. (Please note, I said maybe.)

And, yes, I've already voted today. Voted before I came into work, in fact. Let the election stuff end and the legal challenges begin again.

Picked up Michael W. Smith's new best of collection today at lunch time, and I'll be getting The Lion King DVD tonight after work.

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