Friday, October 31, 2003

It's down right cold out there. We're talking coat weather. Which means I get to wear my new coat. And no comments on it.

Of course, I discovered after Bible study last night that I hadn't cut all the tags off it before I started wearing it. So I went around all day with a tag hanging under my left arm. Oops! Hopefully no one else noticed.

And, in great news, Quizno's has brought back their Chicken Carbinara sandwich. Guess what I'll be having for the next few weeks!

The forcasted rain has so far been on again off again sprinkles. Not sure if that's doing much for the firefighters or not. Although they've cut the number here in town because the fire is under control for the time being. Only 50% contained, but under control. And I'm sure the rain hasn't hurt. Unfortunately, I don't know if the rain is going to the other fires that need to be put out.

Now we get to start worrying about our next natural disasters, mud slides. Because even if we just get one good rain this year, all the newly bare hills will run with mud. Heck, the hill behind Master's will go, and that burned back in July.

Personally, I'm doing better. I've managed to relax on personal stuff with my attention focused on the fires. How long it will last, I have no clue, but I've been feeling better for a few days now.

Definitely won't be on the internet over the weekend. They're working on the network all day tomorrow, and there just isn't really time for me to come in on Sundays anymore. So have a great weekend, don't get too scared tonight, and I'll see you all next month.

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