Monday, October 06, 2003

I can now safely say that, after two weeks, I'm more moved into my condo then I was for the last two years in my apartment. Of course, there was that whole "I'm only here temporarily" thing, but I'd say it's a great feeling to be moving in.

On the down side, I have more stuff then I know what to do with. Even with doubling up DVD's and videos and hardcover and paperback books, I don't think I'm going to have enough bookshelves. So I know get to choose what I want to be out. DVD's. Trixie. Sandy and Sigmund.... Wish I didn't have to choose.

In other news, I've flip-flopped on the election tomorrow. If the news media is so upset that Arnold might win that they are behaving like spoiled kids already, then I need to vote for him. Never thought I'd see myself do this in a million years, but that's the way things are going to be. I mean, honestly, this is ridiculas. Bring out only the charges in the last few days that people knew were there all the time. And, as with one charge, refuse to air the whole truth. Then the media wonders why we think they're biased. (No offense meant, Jennie.)

Had a quiet weekend. Unpacked, caught up on TV. Lost The Stockmarket game to both Jeff and Marcus. Had fun at the family fellowship last night. Enjoying the new season of Alias. (Although it's still not as good as season 1 was. That year was the best.)

Can't think of much else new to report. Boring life, isn't it? :)

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