Thursday, October 02, 2003

Did you know that next month is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)? See what you can learn when you participate in the Thursday Threesome?

Onesome: Great- Who's the greatest influence in your life? ...and could you write about them? (Hey, it's NaNoWriMo!)
My parents, still. And I probably could write a novel about them, but I’m not sure it would be any good.

Twosome: American- Who do you consider to be the greatest American writer of all time? Counterpoint: whose books are sitting on your nightstand?
Sandy Dengler, because of her way of weaving words together in a poetic way. Of course, I haven’t read any of her books for years because she isn’t writing any more but pursuing other things. Right now, I’m reading a mystery by Andy Straka.

Threesome: Novel- What's your favourite book/novel? Hmmm... What's so special about that one book?
I usually answer this one The Gatehouse Mystery because of how it brings Trixie and her friends and family to life. If we’re going by the book I’ve reread the most in my life, this would have to be it.

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