Friday, October 17, 2003

Before I moved, I got my vehicle renewal notice from the DMV. Not wanting to loose it in the move, I sent it in right away. Six weeks early. Middle of September. When I got my bank statement, I noticed the check cleared on the 29th of Sept.

Wednesday, I got something from DMV. I was excited, figuring it was my new sticker. Wrong! They've gotten my change of address, but this was a new notice to renew my vehicle. Processed on the 11th of Oct.

Meanwhile, I have a similar situation with the phone company, telling me that I owe them money when I think they owe me money. All this from my old phone number.

Isn't moving fun?

Last night, they were planning to clean the carpets in the church gym, where we normally meet for the games and worship part of Bible study. They were supposed to start cleaning around 7, but showed up at 6:30 instead. So we moved up worship, which we weren't at all prepared for. The Powerpoint slides had gotten lost, so a couple guys worked like crazy retyping them while I tried to get everything else organized. Then, as all five songs are in, Jon tells us to cut back on the worship time, say only do 3 songs. I felt badly that all the work on the last two was wasted, but that's what we did.

The cold I've been pretending wasn't coming on has finally decided to hit me today. Just before Disneyland. :( But at least I get to go to Disneyland tomorrow.

Probably didn't help that I stayed up later then I intended to last night. I blaim Donald because I talked to him for over an hour! (Never mind that fact that I enjoyed every minute of it. I still get to blaim him.)

And, in honor of talking to Donald last night and him visiting my blog for the first time in months today, I have to pass along a bad pun he sent me today. Bad joke buzzer ready?

There were three Indian squaws. One slept on a deer skin. One slept on an elk skin and the third slept on a hippopotamus skin. All three became pregnant and the first two each had a baby boy. The one who slept on the hippopotamus skin had twin boys. This goes to prove that the squaw of the hippopotamus is equal to the sons of the squaws of the other two hides.

Bad, isn't it?

Well, Phil has said we can go early if we want, so I think I will. Have a good weekend.

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