Friday, May 09, 2003

Things are winding down for the summer here. Wednesday was the last time I'll have the "convention" over for sci-fi stuff this year. Feeling very guilty that Jeremiah won't be back next year since he's never seen Babylon 5 before and we're just finishing up season 2. Of course, since he graduates Saturday, he probably really doesn't care right about now. Of course, this means that for the next few months at least, I won't have to rush from praise team practice on Wednesday night.

Speaking of which, last night sure was interesting. My cold (which is getting better faster then normal), was sitting in my throut. Which made it kinda hard to lead singing, and especially to sing out at all. Music wise we got off a couple times, but it seemed to flow pretty well.

Still working on the Donna Andrews book. Wednesday through Friday are such busy days for me.

Went in to ask Phil for time off over the next couple months, and he told me he didn't know. Because we still don't know when the audit will be. That's right. So I can't plan out my summer yet. I was asking for a few things at once. 1) The father/son backpacking trip the youth groups are doing. I could take of leave this one. If there's room and they need some seregate fathers, they'd like the staff to go, so there might not even be room for me. 2) The annual river rafting trips, which they're planning on making an overnighter this year. While it sounds like more fun, it kinda stinks that I have to take an extra day of vacation for it. 3) Trixie Convention. Yep, I might not get to go if they decide to move the audit way up. They can't do this to me!!!!! And after we're finally having one I can drive to. I never figured it would be an issue or I would have asked sooner. Plus Phil is planning to be gone that week. Think I need to start asking for things like that sooner. Thought May would be plenty soon enough, has been in the past.

BTW, don't know if I mentioned it here or not, but I was also planning a trip to camp on the Channel Islands the last weekend in June. Other Seth, the one who got me interested in the first place, has backed out temporarily. We're hoping for Early Fall. It'd better happen.

Meanwhile, I'm off to grab dinner in the caf one more time until fall semester. Pizza, of course. It is Friday afterall.

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