Friday, May 23, 2003

In the health department, the bump on my finger from the bug bite of some kind is going way down. It’ll clear up on its own no problem. However, my right eye is bright red! And how it got that way is a little embarrassing.

I was eating salad on Wednesday night. A piece of lettuce was caught behind another piece of lettuce, and when it came loose, it flung some salad dressing that hit me right in the eye. It was irritated yesterday, but today it’s just red. Today, everyone is commenting on it, yesterday, no one said anything to me.

Pete and I got to swim at lunch time yesterday. While he says I was keeping up with him better then last year, we were both pretty out of breath when we finished. Need to get in shape.

So Congress has passed another tax cut, which makes me happy. However, here’s my question. Why set up a tax cut with provisions that expire? I mean, either you cut taxes or you don’t. Don’t be wishy-washy about it. Is it any wonder that people are so confused by tax law?

Wednesday night, I show up at Moss’s for practice. And there’s another family from church there. So we go into one of the kid’s rooms. First chance we’ve had to practice without TV distraction, even if it was in a much smaller room.

Things went well last night worship wise. But Becky and I were the only staff there at 7, when we split between jr. high and high school. So I’m trying to lead the Bible study with the 3 guys, basically flying by the seat of my pants since I really didn’t prepare anything. And the guys are being as disruptive and distractive as always. Seth and Kurt both showed up late, and commented on it. So I talked to them afterward. Seems like I need to figure out a way to get the kids to settle down again, because both of them said they can get the kids to behave. Of course, part of it is that the kids like them. They never want to be in my small group. Really need to pray hard about that aspect of my ministry.

So, I’ve been working out at lunch time on a regular basis in the weight room. Usually, when I leave, my muscles feel tight and a little sore. But by the time I leave work, they feel fine. Is this at all normal? I have noticed a little difference, so I think I’m going something.

Right now, I have very little and sketchy at best plans for the weekend. While recently, I’ve been shouting with glee that I have nothing specific going on, this weekend, I’m depressed by that fact. I want to do something fun! I think it’s because it’s a three day weekend and I always want to spend a three day weekend doing fun stuff.

Donald is coming down and staying with me. Heather’s moving home this weekend, so he’s helping her pack up and then they’ll be leaving Sunday afternoon. The worst part of the whole thing is, he’s not coming in until 1:30 AM tonight. I have to figure out some way to stay up that late. Last night, I was ready to hit the hay at 9.

Anyway, after they leave, I really have nothing planned. At some point this weekend, I need to spend some time critiquing Jennie’s book for her, which should make her very happy. I only have 7 chapters that I haven’t really look at.

Obviously, I’m not sure when or if I’ll be around this weekend, so if I’m not around, have a great three days everyone.

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