Monday, May 19, 2003

I certainly had fun this weekend. Other Seth and I went camping Saturday night. Yep, I was out of town for just 18 hours, but it was great. We left after Seth got off work on Saturday, which meant in the afternoon. Drove out to Ventura. The place we were aiming for was full, but we headed another 15 miles north and got the last tent spot they had. Spent the night, then came back in time for Sunday school Sunday morning. Which meant having to get up very early. For me anyway. Seth got to sleep in until 6, but I had to get up early at 6. :) And we got to use my new lantern (only a little) and the hot dog roasters I bought for this trip.

The weather has steadily gotten hotter. Had to run the AC a few times at home. But it's about time. After all, it is May. Talking to someone today who thought that we shouldn't have hot weather yet. Come on. Especially since we're only talking 80's. In another few weeks. 80's will seem cold.

Why is it I take forever to read the first half of a book, then finish it in a day or two? Did it again with Maid for Murder. Over all, I wasn't that impressed with the book. I'm curious to read the next, but it won't be as a hardcover. In fact, if I can get it from the library, even better.

Had a SNYF last night, and I finally got to use the new song books we created months ago. Yet no one commented on them or requested any of the news songs that I'd put in. HMPH!! :) Jon and D Rob were there. They had come to church since Chips was speaking in the evening service, and they came to both youth activities. It was good to see them again, especially Jon, who has been attending seminary in Chicago since they both graduated last year.

Tonight, it's all about talking to my family and trying to get somewhere on stuff around the house before I start in on season finales on TV. I have a reviewing goal that I want to reach this week, and part of that means watching the season 2 Bab 5 commentaries tonight and tomorrow night. Fortunately, there are only two of them. (And my 300th review did indeed show up on Saturday. YEAH!)

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