Wednesday, May 14, 2003

After I left work for the day, I remembered that I forgot to post the most important news of the day. Phil ok'd my time off, so I can go on all those trips I was talking about on Friday, INCLUDING TRIXIE CAMP!!!!!!!

Well, I didn't do laundry again last night. The laundry room was swamped. I decided that I could make it until Friday, but I must do laundry then. Since I have nothing going on, that shouldn't be an issue, however. I hope.

Going to see Matrix: Reloaded with a ton of people tonight. People from work, Josh and Bonnie, you name it, they'll be there or were at least invited. Heck, Phil's even going. The best part is, we have tickets to a 10 PM showing tonight, so I'll still be home in time for a decent night's sleep and I won't have to leave our guitar practice early.

Since there's no Bible study tomorrow night (due to a huge concert the school's putting on), we're just getting together to jam again. And I can stay for awhile since I don't have to rush home for Enterprise. Just plan on recording it.

Don't worry, I'll spoil every plot point of M-R when I post tomorrow. :)

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